RxFoundation works with pharmaceutical companies and your doctor to
    get you the brand name medication that you need - for only a fraction of the cost.
    In order to provide prescription assistance to those without (or with limited) prescription drug coverage, many pharmaceutical companies have developed Patient Assistance Programs (also known as "Free Prescription Programs," "Prescription Assistance Programs" or "PAPs"). These PAPs offer free prescription medications and discount prescription drugs for individuals who need assistance obtaining brand name medications.

    While PAPs have been around for many years, they have been underutilized by the very individuals who need prescription assistance the most. Each pharmaceutical company has different requirements and forms that need to be completed for each medication requested. This multi-step process can be time-consuming and overwhelming. The RxFoundation team keeps up-to-date information on the requirements of patient assistance programs and verifies that your request is accompanied by all of the correct information to assure that your application is approved promptly. (RXF) has streamlined this process into one step, and works with the pharmaceutical companies on your behalf to get you the medication that you need.

    What is the Service Fee?

    For our services of researching, advocating, coordinating, enrolling and re-enrolling, our service fee is a $25 Application Fee and a $75 monthly enrollment fee.


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