Why choose RxFoundation as your advocate?


    Prescription Assistance Programs sponsored by America's Pharmaceutical Companies provide discounted and free prescription medication to those with limited financial resources. These individuals are underinsured or have no prescription coverage. However, although free medication is available, only a small portion of those eligible for prescription medication assistance receive assistance from Prescription Assistance Programs. This is because they either are simply unable to navigate the complicated processes, or they are just unaware that free prescription medication programs exist.

    Over 45 million people in America are without prescription coverage. Of these, only a small
    percentage receives free or extremely discounted prescription medication help through pharmaceutical company sponsored Patient Assistance Programs.

    RxFoundation was designed to prevent this tragedy by connecting those in need with the appropriate prescription assistance program - so they will not be forced to choose between paying for their prescription medication or buying food or taking less medication than is prescribed by their doctor. Failure to take medication as prescribed could result in serious consequences for their health and well-being. RxFoundation cares about your well-being.


    Choosing an advocate for Prescription Assistance Programs


    Many people discover that finding a competent patient advocate is the only way to successfully receive free medication through Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs).

    Many patients who opt not to seek professional assistance find themselves unable to navigate the complicated processes involved in applying for multiple free medication programs. As a result, they do not receive the prescription assistance that they otherwise could have - and suffer severe financial and/or health consequences because of it. The (RXF) team offers a more comprehensive and complete level of prescription assistance services than any prescription advocacy company in the nation.


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