Refund Policy

 , LLC charges a one time Application Fee and a Monthly enrollment fee for researching, advocating, coordinating, enrolling and re-enrolling members to the various PAP programs.  The details of the refund policy is as follows:

    The one-time initial Application fee is non-refundable and it is due upon submitting the application.  This is used to evaluate and qualify the member’s eligibility criteria to the program.  A potential member should only submit an application if they seriously want assistance in enrolling to the various PAP programs.

    The Monthly membership fee is refundable for the following reasons:

    o   The member requested a refund prior to RxFoundation starting to process their application paperwork.  This step applies only to initial applications and the process starts 2 days after the application is submitted.

    o   If RxFoundation has been unsuccessful in helping the member qualify and receive all their prescription medications from the PAP programs at no or low cost.  There is no partial refund in the event not all their prescription medication applications are qualified.  RxFoundation will go over the member’s application and medications and qualify the member during the phone interview that takes place 48 hours after the initial application.  At that time, RxFoundation will inform the member which medications can be received through the PAP programs and which ones cannot.  If the member decides to opt out and cancel at this point, a refund of their Monthly membership fee will be issued.

    After the initial month the member can discontinue membership to the program by calling RxFoundation’s billing department at 888-RxFound or (888-793-6863) or in writing, via mail or fax, at the RxFoundation mailing address below.  Once processed the member will no longer continue to receive Prescription Assistance and will not be billed any additional months.  The current or previous months’ membership fees will not be refunded.


    Mailing Address:

 , LLC

    Billing Department - Refunds

    382 N. Lemon Ave, suite 334

    Walnut, CA 91789

    Fax #: 888-713-2217


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